Little Gems

In little Gems pre school, we inspire in children the courage to learn, and go beyond boundaries to pursue their own excellence.

To provide a holistic education and care in a safe and respectful environment, which seeks to empower every child to become a curious learner and confident speaker, imbued with strong character to guide and prepare him in serving the community.

Holistic development emphasizes the importance of physical, emotional and psychological well-being of children. To support such development of a child, Little Gems Preschool educators are committed to:

  • Build trusting relationships
  • Recognize the child’s interest
  • Create an engaging environment
  • Ask open-ended questions

In Little Gems

We believe that children are born to be tenacious, interested, capable and curious. They learn the best working with other children, family, teachers, and the community. As such, Little Gems strive to create an environment where every child under our care will have diverse learning opportunities.


  • Holistic development and learning
  • Integrated learning
  • Active learning
  • Supporting learning
  • Learning through interactions 
  • Learning through play

Putting principles into practice:

  • Starting from the child
  • Fostering a positive learning climate
  • Preparing the learning environment 
  • Planning and structuring learning activities
  • Setting up resources
  • Observing children

This framework aims to foster in children the following dispositions and skills:

  • Sound moral and social values
  • Good habits of working and playing with others
  • Positive self-concept and confidence
  • A strong sense of curiosity about things and objects around them
  • An ability to communicate effectively in English and a mother tongue language
  • Physical control and manipulative skills
  • Positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle 
  • Positive family values and strong communityties

Desired Outcomes of Little Gems
By the end of their education children should:

  • Know what is right and what is wrong
  • Be willing to share and take turns with others
  • Be able to relate to others
  • Be curious and able to explore
  • Be able to listen and speak with understanding
  • Be comfortable and happy with themselves
  • Have developed physical co-ordination and healthy habits
  • Love their families, friends, teachers and school

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